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Orchestra of This

Listed under Jazz, Guitar, Experimental.
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Orchestra of This can best be described as “third-stream music,” a term coined in 1957 by composer Gunther Schuller, describing a genre that blends modern classical/chamber sounds with jazz and a touch of world rhythms. The style is not jazz and is not classical, but draws from both creating its own genre requiring proficiency in the two. The instrumentation of the group is unique using instruments atypical of most jazz group formats including violin, nylon and 12-string guitar, and a multi-percussion setup of metal sound effects, timbal, cajons, riq, bodhran, ocean drum, among others. Orchestra of This are Jozef Nadj, a Serbian violinist who has played extensively throughout Europe and came to the US to study at the Berklee College of Music; percussionist Brian O'Neill of the exotic tiki group Waitiki; bassist Colin Kenniff who has performed in various venues around the Northeast US as well as England, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, and Germany; and nylon & 12-string guitarist Matthew Joy, a Boston native and Berklee graduate receiving a bachelor's in jazz composition.

Orchestra of This quartet poses on a dark night in Cambridge, MAOrchestra of This

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